Barcelona Agreement Pdf

Barcelona Agreement Pdf

While we recognize the importance of trade in goods and services to the well-being of citizens, we stress that competitiveness and economic growth should not be the only criteria used to define free trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA and others (such as TISA). The European Commission has begun negotiations with the United States of America on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP), the Canada-Europe Comprehensive Economic Agreement (CETA) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) on a mandate from member states. These treaties are negotiated in an opaque manner, without respecting European democratic and participatory norms. We believe that transparency should not be sacrificed for the benefit of trade secrecy. Local authorities must play a key role in negotiating mandates. Today, Europe is at a crossroads. The crises affecting the EU require a political solution. That is why we believe that Europe must place fundamental values at the heart of its policy: solidarity, respect for freedoms and justice. These next-generation trade agreements are undoubtedly beneficial to society as a whole. Europe must strengthen its economy by strengthening social, economic, environmental and employment rights, not just by extending free trade. We call for the ongoing negotiations on TTIP and TiSA to be suspended until the concerns of local and regional authorities are fully taken into account when ratifying one of these treaties. We believe that international trade must be based on criteria that are not limited to simple free trade. We must stand up for fair and sustainable trade that respects workers` rights.

We consider it our duty as elected representatives to defend local communities and democratic institutions as spaces for discussion and decision-making and to strengthen public policies for the good of our fellow citizens, to protect the environment and to support SMEs and the local economy. We are deeply concerned that these treaties undermine our ability to legislate and use public funds (including public procurement) and will seriously undermine our mission to support people on key issues such as housing, health, the environment, social services, education, local economic development or food security. We celebrate the social movement that made this European debate possible and we want to pay tribute to them for their role and we invite them to continue their work. In all these reflections, we call for the suspension of the ongoing negotiations on TTIP and TISA and the renegotiation of a new mandate, taking into account the demands of those who have not been consulted, and we call on the European Parliament, the European Council and national governments not to ratify CETA. This declaration is accepted by all the cities present and submitted by all those who comply with it in the future to the heads of the European Union, national governments and the relevant institutions and organisations.

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